Electronic Engineering Services & Complete Product Development

Electronics Engineering

Circuit design, PCB layout and mechanical design from a single source.

We apply an integrated approach to projects and therefore guarantee the best functionality and quality.

We already support our clients in the design phase and implement specific tasks or entire projects.


Circuit Design

Circuit design for measurement, control, and power supplies equipment. Our core competencies lie in the implementation of analogue and microcontroller (µC) based circuits. This includes the development of firmware in C and FPGA programs in VHDL. Start-up, verification and optimization of the functional models, including EMC preliminary tests conducted in our laboratory.

PCB Design

We have been producing various PCB designs from simple 2-sided printed circuit boards, multilayers with different requirements for component density, voltage distances or other restrictions.

All these designs are created in accordance with customer specifications and internal design rules.

Let's build something great together

We are constantly striving for efficient and high quality solutions for IT companies worldwide. The engineers are supported by us without daily stress and work pressure. Our motto is to provide brilliant solutions in relaxed working environment.

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