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At Verbindungzentrum, we supply unique applications that are tailored to meet your business needs. We ensure exceptional quality throughout the entire development process, covering a full range of services, from project evaluation to maintainance and support.

Why Consider Custom Software Development?

  • Complex requirements for businesses

    You have completed full market research and no commercial off-the-shelf software is on the market that meets your specific requirements. However, you have a clear picture of how the system looks and works. You can then develop customized software.

  • Complete control and flexibility

    You have full control over the back end of your software through custom software development. In addition, in both development and post-release stages you can react quickly to changes in the market and modify the system functionality accordingly.

  • Cost Benefits

    Changing COTS software can become expensive. There are also numerous examples of company software, which can not be integrated correctly with various applications that you could use. You save time and resources with endless customisation and the purchase of integrated applications by receiving custom solution.

Why Choose Verbindungszentrum?


We have built up a knowledge base and absorbed the best approaches to maximum performance throughout our entire lifetime as a business.


This is not only a motto for us. We are able to give maximum value to our customers through the understanding of each team member.


Confidence and partnership are our core values. Transparency makes it possible for both sides to see our progress and to communicate effectively.


Let's build something great together

We are constantly striving for efficient and high quality solutions for IT companies worldwide. The engineers are supported by us without daily stress and work pressure. Our motto is to provide brilliant solutions in relaxed working environment.


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