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IT companies, all around the world can further develop their own software and hardware at Verbindungszentrum, and we can support you by developing or let us develop your software by our experienced engineers.

We also offer professional hands-on trainings and workshops on various IT products and all skill levels - from beginner to advance. There are certified trainers who work success-oriented and they are practice-related.


For our customers we have Excursion programme, which can be done in their free time

we can provide IT resources in various areas and provide a very good IT infrastructure, which is ideally suited for research and development.

Thanks to community in Marrakech, very high safety standards are self-evident. In addition, we care about transfer of our customer to our location.

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We are constantly striving for efficient and high quality solutions for IT companies worldwide.

The engineers are supported by us without daily stress and work pressure.

Our motto is to provide brilliant solutions in relaxed working environment.

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  • Azli Block 7 Nr. 340, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
  • contact@verbindungszentrum.com
  • (+41) 786 73 56 62
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