We are well equipped for IT projects, education and research.

Electrical equipment such as logic analyzers, generators, line voltage regulators, indicators and oscilloscopes, etc. are available on request.


We also offer measuring devices, such as Leica Laser Tracker, which can be used to make precise measurements by means of a laser beam within a radial volume.

If required, we will gladly provide you with modern notebooks, Mac and server machines, of course you also have the possibility to use your own notebooks and devices.

We can  adoptes a supply chain management strategy, struct quality insurance system for control and evaluation to conduct cost-effective and high quality products to  our meet Clients' requirements of timely delivery.  


How can we help you?

Let's build something great together

We are constantly striving for efficient and high quality solutions for IT companies worldwide.

The engineers are supported by us without daily stress and work pressure.

Our motto is to provide brilliant solutions in relaxed working environment.

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  • Azli Block 7 Nr. 340, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
  • (+41) 786 73 56 62
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