When you are preparing to make data science decisions for your organization, you should definitely think about the approach.

Our Approach

Once you start working with Verbindungszentrum, you have instant access to our IT skills and technologies, our mature ready-to-use IT infrastructure and our software development processes. We pursue a well-defined, refined and structured approach and methodology based on coherence and coordination.
  • Requirements

    This is a crucial step, we study the feasibility and the viability of the project. It is a question of identifying the problem that need to be solved, while collaborating with the client, as well as with key stakeholders.

  • Analysis

    The objective of this step is to define in detail all the functionalities of the system. This step is often accompanied by a prototype or mock-up that generally allows either to identify new needs or to refine some of them.

  • Design

    The main objective of this step is to gradually break down a system into increasingly detailed modules. First, we define the architecture/ structure/ general organization of the system to be designed, which contains the inventory of the different main modules/ components, the relationships between them, the constraints to be respected… Then we detail these results to finally allow coding in a chosen programming language. It is therefore a question of detailing the data structures and detailing the different procedures (algorithms).

  • Development

    As a quality-oriented software development company, Verbindungszentrum continuously sets and maintains high standards in software engineering.

  • Testing

    Before delivering the final product, we proceed to an evaluation in order to check if the implementation is correct and does not contain any errors.

  • Deployment

    Deploying software brings many important business benefits. Tasks such as installing, uninstalling, and updating software apps are time-consuming. Verbindungszentrum decrease time and unmasks process errors by using the scrum-process. The software can be easily managed by deployment. You can also monitor users ‘ software information and actions.


Let's build something great together

We are constantly striving for efficient and high quality solutions for IT companies worldwide. The engineers are supported by us without daily stress and work pressure. Our motto is to provide brilliant solutions in relaxed working environment.


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